• Atheletes of Nepal
    "नेपाल र नेपालीका लागि"

250+ Atheletes Promoted in span of 4 Months

Core Values

Promoting Athletes & Sports through different ways like

• Athlete Blogs
• Sport Blogs
• Sports News (Related to Nepali Sports-Crisp & Easy)
• Poster Promotion
• Video Promotion
• Commercial Ads/ Sponsorships & Collaborations
• Emerging/Talented Athletes Promotion (Inspiring Youths)
• Grassroot Development Promotions

Other things from Experts of Athletes of Nepal

• Sports Event Management
• Sports Counselling
• Sports Nutrition & Supplements
• Sports Infrastructure Development
• Talent Identification drives for Athletes
• Tournaments & Leagues (Blue Print, Planning & Execution)
• Guidance from Sports Industry Experts and many more.

Influencing the Young Generations to encourage them be active on Sports.

We Want to


The Association concentrated on its core Strategy developing for Sports Ethusiast.
The future of sports is digital. We explore the technologies that are transforming Sports Lovers.
The future of Sports is with the future generations.

Who can join us?

Everybody who holds a similar vision as we do is welcome to join us in this initiative.
If you are a sports follower & have a topic to discuss, get in touch with us.
If you are an aspiring sportsperson, Then mail us
If you are a sports manufacturer and looking for brand identity, we would be happy to collaborate with you & promote your brand.
If you are a writer, photographer, journalist and has an interest in sports, we would love to have you on board.
If you are already a Professional Athlete, why not tell us your inspiring story.